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Troop 165

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Here's what one former member of the troop sent us recently!
Scouts and Scoutmasters of Troop 165,

My name is Jon Keck Jr. I was pretty heavily involved with Troop 165.  I was also worked at Camp Birch for one summer as a CIT In the early 90’s.  Also, I was active within the OA.  The Scott Jenkins, RJ Studley, and Mr. Studebaker, among others, era.  I got away from scouts as a Life scout and a Brotherhood member of OA, one of my biggest regrets is not achieving  Eagle Scout.  I had plenty of time, but I was for lack of a better word, lazy.  I thought, there were more important things to do at the time, and now I see it differently.  I joined the Navy and explored, after I graduated High School.  Now, I am 32 now and just finishing my bachelors degree at the University of Southern Mississippi.  I was just browsing the web and doing some job searching and while searching I was thinking to myself, “ what do I enjoy doing the most?”  And guess what, I started thinking about the “old times” I spent with many good people, young and old when I was in scouts.  So, I then found your site.  Anyway, I just want to say, to the adults, keep doing what you are doing and always try to do more for those young individuals, I realize that a lot of who I am today is because of scouts.  By no means am I perfect, but talk to anyone who knows me, I am always prepared for anything.  And to the scouts, stay active and involved, you will understand how important it is to finish strong and be part of the Eagle brotherhood, when you get out of Xenia.  It may seem like a small world now, but wait, when you are 18 it can get very big. 

Bottom line, stay positive, stay involved, and enjoy what you are doing, because right now you are building some pretty good memories, trust me.

Jon D. Keck Jr.

Xenia, Ohio